Bank Wire Transfer Agreement

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September 11, 2021
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Bank Wire Transfer Agreement

13. Advice and explanations. All transfers accepted by the bank (including transfers sent or received in the customer`s name) are displayed in the customer`s daily online banking service history and in the customer`s regular account statement regarding the current account(s) or from which the customer`s transfer was made. If the customer registers for the special notification function of the bank, the bank also sends the customer advice or notification to the e-mail address(es) indicated by the customer if a transfer has been accepted. The customer undertakes to check the daily history of the current account(s) on the day following the date of processing and to immediately inform the bank of any discrepancies between the customer`s records and the daily history. The Customer also undertakes to inform the Bank, in accordance with the terms of Section 11 of the Agreement, of any discrepancies between the Customer`s records and the information contained in the periodic settlement of the account (the accounts). If the Customer fails to notify the Bank of such discrepancy under this paragraph, the Customer agrees that the Bank`s liability for Customer losses with respect to an entry displayed in the daily history or periodic billing is limited in accordance with the agreement of the parties. 3.1 By filing a transfer request, the customer authorizes the bank to withdraw from the current account indicated by the customer the amount of a requested transfer that the customer can authorize and order, plus all applicable fees and charges. Subject to the conditions set out in this Annex, the Bank shall accept and make a transfer received by the Customer, which has been authenticated by the Bank and meets the security procedures (described below), cut-off periods, transaction limits and other requirements, as described in this Annex and in all exposures, installation forms and other related documents.

The bank rejects payment orders that would result in the customer`s transactions exceeding the daily transaction limit or the daily exposure limit set by the bank for the customer. The daily transaction limit and the daily exposure limit may be changed from time to time at the customer`s request in accordance with the bank`s rules and policies. Any changes to these limits are at the discretion of the Bank. 12.1 The Customer shall indemnify the Bank for the Service, if any and as set out in the Bank`s Fee Schedule, which is attached as Appendix D to this Annex. As part of each transfer, the customer also pays the online transfer fee in effect at the time of the transfer from the bank. The bank has the right to deduct its costs from this contract from any current account of the customer. 23. Effectiveness. The customer accepts all the conditions of this annex. The liability of the bank referred to in this Annex shall, in any case, be subject to the provisions of the Agreement, including, but not limited to, all provisions which exclude or restrict the bank`s guarantees, damages to be paid by the bank or remedies available to the bank. This Annex replaces and replaces all prior agreements regarding the services described above and remains fully operational and effective until the termination or the date on which a different or amended Schedule is accepted in writing by the Bank or the Contract is terminated.

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