Ghana Flood Campaign #NewAfricaTakeover

June 21, 2016 | Create

So Fraiche, have collaborated with Ghanaian streetwear brand Renaissance on their flood campaign, to bring awareness to the epidemic in Ghana and encourage the internet generation to lead the way in taking responsibility for their well-being and the future of Africa.


A collaboration between two brands at the forefront of pushing a new image of Africa. Gerald Sagoe (Co-founder of So Fraiche) moved to Accra, Ghana from London, to setup So Fraiche as a media powerhouse. After adding directing the President of Ghana to his resume, he met Michael Bilson, a fellow creative, stylist and founder of Renaissance. A Ghanaian streetwear brand bringing Africa’s streetwear and fashion culture to the world.

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The flood campaign video aims to bring awareness to the issue in Ghana as well as promote the creative culture and visionary ideology of a new generation of Africans. “It’s about a new generation who believe they can all be leaders” – Gerald Sagoe “We decided to use our platform to educate people about this” – Michael Bilson

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Watch the behind the scenes video here:

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